Dealing with Scale/insects on house plants

You need to be careful about applying different products in a short period of time. Combinations can sometimes cause problems for the plant.

Scale infestations are difficult to get under control. It takes TIME. Let the products do their work. I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of the insects are already dead, with their empty shells driving you crazy.

Use the neem (hopefully it’s cold pressed neem so that it has the active ingredient in it) according to label directions. It will be helpful to a limited extent on the adults, but much more so on the crawlers. Those are the ones you want to get.

What are these Bonide products you’re talking about…active ingredients, please. We can let you know if they will be effective or not.

I’ll also suggest that you visit the Citrus Forum here in the Gardenweb. Not only can you read up on old thread with the exact same topic to gain some insight from others, but you can post your own topic.