Cockroach killers – hiding places and nests of cockroaches

So, where are the hiding places and nests of cockroaches? Find cockroaches and cockroach nests:

- In sheltered hollows on walls between garment bags and wall
- In filled drawers on the walls
- Behind books on the back of the book rack, or
- In the side grooves of drawers
- Or in stereo equipment, CD radios
- Or into the folds of used plastic bags and in the folds of large, used plastic bags
- And as nests of breeding, especially the lower folds of small plastic bags are very popular

Roaches leave droppings as black dots. Accumulations of these black dots are indicative of an important location of cockroaches, for example, to a drawer groove, or next to a hi-fi unit in open left lying bouillon cubes.

Antidote cockroaches

Avoid antidote food and leftovers – this is the best prerequisite. Principle, one should avoid food residues or leave shell fragments, and certainly not let a bouillon cube are open, etc. because this is the food for the cockroaches.

Cockroach killers – Antidote with the spray: often with little success

You can buy a spray against cockroaches and then 24 hours, the apartment does not enter in the hope that the cockroaches die of poison at the drugstore or department store.

Antidote Stomp – and the things for transports always investigate with a sponge in hand. You can trampled cockroaches upon surfacing immediately. That is the least you can do.

Cockroach killers – Cit vermin powder

Cit vermin powder is a dry, odourless insecticide and it is successfully applied to all types of crawling insects.
Cit infested with vermin powder, dry areas are covered thoroughly, as are all objects and slip angles at which the bugs come into contact. The biocidal effect already occurs after a few minutes.

Do not remove the powder as possible, so that the effect is maintained as long as possible. Remove powder vermin CIT from contact with humans and animals easily with a broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner.Regular use ensures reliable containment of vermin.The product is excellent in resistance problems!