Cockroach killers – hiding places and nests of cockroaches

So, where are the hiding places and nests of cockroaches? Find cockroaches and cockroach nests:

- In sheltered hollows on walls between garment bags and wall
- In filled drawers on the walls
- Behind books on the back of the book rack, or
- In the side grooves of drawers
- Or in stereo equipment, CD radios
- Or into the folds of used plastic bags and in the folds of large, used plastic bags
- And as nests of breeding, especially the lower folds of small plastic bags are very popular

Roaches leave droppings as black dots. Accumulations of these black dots are indicative of an important location of cockroaches, for example, to a drawer groove, or next to a hi-fi unit in open left lying bouillon cubes.

Antidote cockroaches

Avoid antidote food and leftovers – this is the best prerequisite. Principle, one should avoid food residues or leave shell fragments, and certainly not let a bouillon cube are open, etc. because this is the food for the cockroaches.

Cockroach killers – Antidote with the spray: often with little success

You can buy a spray against cockroaches and then 24 hours, the apartment does not enter in the hope that the cockroaches die of poison at the drugstore or department store.

Antidote Stomp – and the things for transports always investigate with a sponge in hand. You can trampled cockroaches upon surfacing immediately. That is the least you can do.

Cockroach killers – Cit vermin powder

Cit vermin powder is a dry, odourless insecticide and it is successfully applied to all types of crawling insects.
Cit infested with vermin powder, dry areas are covered thoroughly, as are all objects and slip angles at which the bugs come into contact. The biocidal effect already occurs after a few minutes.

Do not remove the powder as possible, so that the effect is maintained as long as possible. Remove powder vermin CIT from contact with humans and animals easily with a broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner.Regular use ensures reliable containment of vermin.The product is excellent in resistance problems!

Cockroaches in your home – Cockroach killers

Cockroaches in your home you should definitely fight, because these insects transmit dangerous diseases and thus represent a major risk presented to fight, you can use glue traps or other means. There are thousands of species of cockroaches.

The risk by scraping

If you ask the experts from the cockroaches prefer to stay in places where it is warm and humid and where they can find enough food. Therefore, bakeries, canteens and other catering kitchens are at risk, but also in private households are to be found. In addition to food, the cockroaches eat the paper, fabrics and leather. They usually go out at night in search of food during the day and are therefore usually not visible.Of the cockroach, eaten foods often have an unpleasant odour, but an even bigger problem is the droppings, which they leave there. Through this, they transmit various diseases to humans and it should be strictly controlled.

If you have cockroaches in your kitchen or in your pantry, you should definitely pay attention to a very good hygiene, clean the rooms regularly, and wipe so that the cockroaches cannot find food. Pack all food in well-closed container. Examine the rooms to cracks and crevices where cockroaches could stop the daytime, and seal it.

Where you suspect the nest sites, you can lay out sticky traps. These sticky traps contain a pheromone that is attractive to insects. If they have the glue trap then enter, they are stuck there, so you can dispose of the case, along with the cockroaches. On the other hand, you can also set up bait boxes containing insecticides and kill the cockroaches.

Places where you can place any glue trap or a bait box, such as the columns in which the nesting cockroaches, you can treat with powder or spray. This means you should use caution, however, if you have small children or pets. If neither the sticky traps nor one of the other agents was successful, we recommend you the help of a professional pest.

Cockroach killers – You can do it

There are some remedies for roaches. Ultimately, it is often difficult to get rid of these pests again when they are first in the household. For a bad infestation, you should order an immediate best exterminator.

• Cockroaches are dark brown to black and are up to three inches long. You cannot fly, but run very fast.
• Cockroaches prefer darkness, so it may take a while to explore these cockroaches at all. They are also very shy so they disappear as soon as possible if you get near them or even to switch on the light.
• Roaches or their eggs are often here often introduced with food and the packaging of these foods in a household. Therefore, do not be ashamed if you suddenly find cockroaches in your house otherwise kept clean. However, you should fight it, because these insects carry diseases that can be very dangerous in parts.
• Cockroaches feed on your inventories. They have a good bite, so it does not matter to them if the foods are still packed. They bite with their teeth easily by cartons.
• This means help against attack.

If you have discovered cockroaches in your home

If you have discovered cockroaches in your home, you should first remove all food from the affected area and thoroughly clean it, as also to remove crumbs and other foodstuff from the ground. If you do not have another room for your supplies available, pack the food, at least in glass or metal containers.

Traps, which are provided with an attractant

Place these traps as close as possible to the locations used by the cockroaches as shelter and nesting. It looks similar to coffee.

Use a spray or position a bait trap

In the same places, you can also sprinkle a powdered poison, use a spray or position a bait trap. Do not use these funds, but if the room is entered by small children and pets, and watch out for your own health, because these funds are usually for you gifting. If not all this helps remedy the cockroaches, all you can do the call in a professional exterminator.